To our Buon Giorno Community:

Our goal is to keep our employees, guests, and others around us in a safe environment. With much attention given to the COVID-19 outbreak, which we consider a major public health concern as it enters our community, I would like to take this opportunity to cover our safety protocols. We’re working on ways to adapt our service to maximize the safety of person-to-person contact without sacrificing attention.

While we always have sanitized all of our customer and work areas diligently, we will be giving this more attention. We will limit guest involvement with food and sharing services.

  1. We are sanitizing the table and entire chair surfaces after each customer. All guest contact areas sanitized repeatedly.
  2. We do have sanitizing hand cleanser when requested.
  3. Our reception and bar area will will be constantly sanitized.
  4. Our groceries can be ordered online for pickup at
  5. I Nonni seating is closed but curbside service is available to order here:
  6. Please do not be offended, for the time being, when our employees do not shake hands and remain at a 3 foot distance. We still love you, we just want all of us to stay healthy!
  7. We also recommend our website Buon Giorno Deli service for those who would like take out or dine in our deli:

For 10% off please enter coupon code: safetyfirst

Thank you for you partnership as we balance safety and service while trying to remain good citizens of our communities. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or further recommendations.

Thank you,

Bill Miller